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Day of the Dumpster~ POWER RANGERS REBOOT!
((This is all the prelude to my current Power Rangers universe~ This is a whole reboot of the PR Extended Universe, with the original series, continuation series, the upcoming movie, and the Hexagon concept serving as inspirations~ Critique, ask questions, and enjoy :D))

"In August 1993, an alien craft secretly lands in a desert area outside of Angel Grove, California. Camouflaging itself, a special protocol is started, which selects five 'teenagers with attitude' to defend the Earth from an upcoming attack. The five teens chosen were:

Zack Taylor, age 16; a junior at A.G.H.S. and quarterback for the Angel Grove Lightning football team
Kimberly Hart, age 16; a fellow junior at A.G.H.S., and one of the more popular kids at school
Billy Cranston, age 16; a junior at A.G.H.S., with an IQ of 188
Trini Kwan, age 15; the youngest of the recruits (being sophomore at A.G.H.S.), she is Vietnamese-American and aspiring nature photographer
Jason Lee Scott, age 16; a junior at A.G.H.S., a wide receiver for the Lightning football team.

The five teenagers are transported to the ship and introduced to ALPHA-5, an android who serves an alien soldier named Zordon. He explains the situation to the teenagers:

Years prior, Zordon and a group of warriors used an experimental force of energy to turn them into super-powered soldiers, who were praised by the people of his home world, Eltar. They fought as Eltar's protectors for years, until the Siege of Eltar: the invasion of a dark force called the Vile to his planet. While they fought hard, his teammates were killed in battle. Eltar was left in dusty ruins, as the Vile moved on to the next planet. Zordon was seemingly the sole survivor, critically wounded, and gathered the lifeless bodies of his deceased team, dragging them all the way back to their headquarters at a settlement and their base in KO-35. He buried the teammates in makeshift graves, removing their Power Morphers and storing them away in a battleship, the Titanus. Critically wounded, Zordon rebuilds an Artificial Linguistic Power-Heightened Android unit from scrap parts in the damaged ship while recoding its A.I. program.

Zordon, on the verge of death, enters a cryosleep machine in the base of the Titanus, while projecting his consciousness into a hard-light hologram on board the ship to engage with ALPHA-5. In this time, the Vile has destroyed more planets, and is heading out to the next galaxy’s living planet; Gaia-7

Also known as Earth.

Zordon entrusts the teenagers with the Power Morphers, each fused with a special coin now encoded with the DNA of the dinosaurs of Earth’s Cretaceous period so they would be more familiar to the teenagers. Using the Morphers allows the teenagers to catalyze a protective nanofiber suit around their bodies, arming themselves with powerful weapons

In battle, each ranger wields a specific weapon; Jason wields a broadsword called the Dino Bladeslasher, while Zack is armed with the Dino Axesmasher, an axe/cannon combo weapon. Kimberly fights using a high-tech bow called the Dino Bowcaster, while Trini uses the Dino Lanceslingers, a pair of daggers attached by a rope. Billy is armed with riot-shield Dino Guardstriker. As well, the Rangers are armed with a sidearm (nicknamed by Zack as the Blade Blaster), which can morph from a pistol to a short sword.

These new warriors, named by the public as the “Power Rangers”, work as a team for years, defeating a seemingly endless array of monsters and putty-like henchmen, searching for the Vile…"

Soo..... pretty similar to the original Rangers...


• The original team of Rangers are based on the Mighty Morphin' Alien Rangers from the planet Aquitar. Here they reside on Eltar, and were led by Zordon.
• The Alien Rangers are deceased, and Zordon was the sole survivor.
• The date of when Zordon lands on Earth and recruits the team, August 1993, is the same month Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers premiered on television

• Taking a little inspiration from the new suits for the 2017 reboot, the suits are a nanofiber mesh that form into crystalized suits. There are really three main "materials":
    (1) a Dark Grey mesh-like material that can stretch with the Rangers movements
    (2) a scale-like chainmail plating seamless from the mesh, and
    (3) protective armor covering the chest, shoulders, pelvis, forearms, and legs
• The chestplates have a tri-diamond pattern, where a stylized version of the Dinocoin is located in the center
• The helmets are styled after Cretaceous period dinosaurs, infused with their DNA, and can retract fully to reveal their whole face ((think Ninja Storm, or the new version of the suits for the reboot))
• Also, on the forearm is a small button, which forms the Dino Weapons when pressed out of the same nanotech that forms the armor. There is another one on the right side of the pelvis armor to create the Blade Blasters.
• All the weapons are similar to the originals, except Billy is now armed with a riot-shield, and Tommy Oliver will end up with the Lance.

• The Titanus, ((named after the carrier zord from the original series)) is now a Eltarian warship, which acts as the new Command Center. Think the scout ship from Man of Steel combined with the Waverider from Legends of Tomorrow.

I will go more into detail with the Ranger's backgrounds, and the future soon....


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