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Absolute DC: The Justice League.....~ (DC REBOOT) by benshark92 Absolute DC: The Justice League.....~ (DC REBOOT) by benshark92
(NOTE: This is from PHASE 1 of uDC- The Ultimate DC Universe [MY DC COMICS REBOOT])

Characters Pictured [left to right] Superman; Ion; Aquaman; Batman; Wonder Woman; Flash

OFFICIAL TEAM NAME: Justice League of America
TEAM ALIASES: The Justice League; The League; The JLA
STATUS: Active
BASE of OPERATIONS: Atlantean Military Post #421 @ Arctic Circle
CURRENT MEMBERS: Batman; Wonder Woman; Flash; Ion; Aquaman
Cornered. Outnumbered. Unarmed. Outwitted. Frightened. In other words: Any given Tuesday.
The Batman, a dangerous and highly-disciplined vigilante finds himself facing seemingly impossible odds against a malicious gang of drug dealers operating out of the South side of Gotham City, NJ. Though he stood victorious over the lowest henchmen of the gang, taking them down one-by-one from the cover of shadow, he is ambushed by the leader of the cartel, former Mexican luchador and steroid-junkie Antonio Diego, aka Le Pesadilla De Todos. Suddenly, as Batman is on the ground broken and bloody, he is picked up over Antonio's head and slammed into his knee, snapping Batman's spine in half. Antonio walks off, leaving Batman to die. But the Dark Knight stands once more, using his armor as a makeshift back brace. Embracing the pain as his own, Batman strikes Antonio in the neck with a blade from his utility belt. The villain is incapacitated for good.
As the police arrive, Batman is seen on the roof when suddenly a man arrives next to him. "I knew you would win; that is why I stayed my hand." The man is Clark Kent, better known as the Superman, a metapowered alien. When asked if the FBI sent the Man of Steel to capture him, Superman explains that he no longer serves the United States Government, but there are still good people "who should not be punished for their sins." He bestows Batman with a teleportation device, saying "The world needs us, now more than ever. I cannot promise that you will return alive. So I will understand if you decline..", before flying away.
Batman, returning to his civilian identity of Bruce Wayne, contemplated this unknown, most likely suicidal, mission while recovering from his injuries caused by Diego and his minions. In the end, he spent his last moment of peace with Selina Kyle, one of his closest allies, and they made love. When Selina awoke the next morning, Bruce was gone, leaving only a note:
“I'm Sorry.”
In the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle, a military outpost controlled by the undersea nation of Atlantis is at full force, the scientists and soldiers working around a fallen alien spacecraft. A flash of light is seen outside the base, when a small, one-manned airship appears. It lands on a helicopter pad outside the base, as Batman, fully equipped with his weapons and tech, steps out. He is greeted by Superman and King of Atlantis Or'ryn Mari'us. They walk to the base's war-room, while they pass a 17 year old girl. Batman guesses she is her daughter; Clark corrects him she is her cousin, Kara. Inside the war-room, they are greeted by ex-government agent Diana Jackson, and Alexandra DeWitt, the Coast City superhero Ion.
Just before they are about to be debriefed, the base begins to shake. All the heroes run out to see what is happening. The door of the alien ship basts open, and a large albino alien walks out. All agents are aiming weapons, but the alien sends out a shockwave. Diana empties his magazine into the alien, when the alien, using superspeed, attacks him, cutting her deeply. The alien is about to finish Diana off when he suddenly looks up, and runs out the base. Batman, pulling out his rifle, runs after it and shoots it. The alien gets away.
Diana is taken care of Aquaman, while Batman and Superman talk.
"That is the first sign of an alien invasion. The same one that destroyed my planet. And this is only the beginning."
The alien soon attacks a young man in his twenties, seemingly randomly. However, it is shown the man is Barry Allen, the Central City superhero The Flash! Flash and the alien attack each other, only to be intercepted by Superman and Batman. They attack each other, when Superman attacks the alien and captures him in a Illnoman Energy Containment Unit and stores him on Batman's one-manned ship. Superman and Flash, who had met once prior for a charity event, and Superman asks him to come back to the Arctic base, which he declines.
As Batman headed back to the base, Superman was able to convince Barry to come with him....
Unknown to Earth, a giant flagship, The Tyrant Sun, and an alien armada made their way to Earth after passing through a wormhole that connects his galaxy to ours; the warlord's intentions: unknown.
Back at the base's warroom, Superman explains the situation to Batman, Flash, Ion, Aquaman, and Diana (now outfitted in her Wonder Woman gear): a few days prior, Superman had severed his ties to the American government after an incident caused by American weapons contractor Alexander Luthor, who attempted to make him out as a selfish, fame-wanting hero. In the end, Superman's adopted mother, Martha, died and his cousin was almost killed.
The device created by Luthor called Central Observational Logistics Unit, or COLU, fused with scientist Dr. Milton Fine, and accidently captured a signal from space; the signal acted as a tractor beam for an alien warlord named di-Pertuan Raja S'tar-Ro the Conqueror, the controller of mind-controlling parasites from the planet Yod. Atlantean scientists find the white alien that attacked the heroes being controlled by one of the parasite.
The armies of Atlantis and the other undersea kingdoms, under command of King Or'yn, mobilized to defend the largest ocean-side cities of Earth. Not only will they face a fleet of combat ships, an influx of mind-controlling parasites (connected directly to S'Tar-Ro's mind) will attempt to infect the local population.
Superman's research of their genetic structure revealed their weakness against a mutated hormone variation that the parasites cannot adapt to: Wonder Woman, who is afflicted by an inherited mutation, offered a sample of her DNA to create a serum that will theoretically kill all of the parasites at once when injected directly into S'Tar-Ro's nervous system. So, while Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman defend the front line from the invaders' fleet, Batman and The Flash attempt to sneak onto the mother ship, sever S'Tar-Ro's connection to the parasites, and sabotage the mother ship’s planet-splitting laser weapon. The invaders' fleet encroached upon the cities, unaware of the military forces of many of its nations, both above and below the sea, anticipating their attack and striking when they least expected. Aquaman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern lead the charge against the invaders. As The Tyrant Sun neared the Earth, within firing range of its super-laser, Batman and Flash determined that the mother ship would be right over the American city of Bludhaven, New Jersey; if they managed to hijack an alien ship, it would be a straight shot to S'Tar-Ro himself!
While Wonder Woman, piloting her stealth jet, was leading Atlantean forces against the invaders in Greece, she was overcome with mysterious pain, causing her to crash. She managed to recover from the pain after she was saved by the Atlantean soldiers, and they then recovered the command module from the crash of one of the invaders' ships. Wonder Woman called on Superman to carry the module to Batman so he and Flash can take control of a ship and infiltrate S'Tar-Ro's base of operations.
Back in Bludhaven, The Flash, by running in a circular motion at a high-enough speed, generated an artificial tornado that knocked out an alien command ship and brought it crashing to the ground. Batman pulled out the pilot, a colonel of the invaders, so Superman could install the command module for human use of the ship. The captive alien colonel, who learned English after hearing the humans speak, introduced himself as Kan'Jar-Ro: the son of S'Tar-Ro himself. Kan'Jar explains that he despises his father's cruelty and tyranny, but he is far too powerful for anyone on their home planet to stand up to; he allows them to take his ship, believing that, no matter what, they still cannot stop Earth's subjugation at S'Tar-Ro's hands.
Almost being attacked from behind by a white alien foot soldier, the alien is shot in the back of the head by a Bludhaven police officer, who seems to know Batman...
As the Kan'Jar-Ro's ship is being targeted by foot soldiers, Batman and the officer, whom he calls Blake, fight off the aliens flawlessly. Batman tells Blake to fight off any other foot soldiers.
Batman pilots the command ship to the loading bay of The Tyrant Sun, fighting through waves of other star fighters, carrying Flash on board. Inside the mother ship, the heroes confront heavily armored versions of the white alien foot soldiers. Flash managed to keep these assassins at bay, allowing Batman to sneak away from the battle and infiltrate the bridge of S'Tar-Ro's ship and confront him.
The Dark Knight failed at sneaking up on the alien tyrant and stabbing him in the back with the serum, so he engaged S'Tar-Ro in 1-on-1 combat; the villain physically outmatched Batman, but was impressed by the pathetic human's strength of will. With only a minute left before the mother ship's super weapon bisects the Earth, Flash made it to the core engine of the weapon. A sphere of pure energy resonates at the core, and he realizes where he's seen it before... ”Every time I close my eyes.” After recognizing that it is rotating, Flash begins running around it in the opposite direction as fast as he can, causing it to neutralize itself and disperse harmlessly, showing a crystal-like cylinder in the center, which still glowed a soft red. But the kinetic energy The Flash generated from his movements caused a backlash of energy to spread throughout the mother ship's power grid, causing it to fall out of orbit and begin crashing into the Atlantic Ocean.
As S'Tar-Ro was ready to kill Batman, his son Kan'Jar-Ro stabbed him in the back of the neck with the serum, killing all of the mind-control parasites because of their connection to S'Tar-Ro. Batman convinces Flash to jump from the ship to save himself, which he does. The heroes on the surface of the planet convene at Metropolis harbor, as The Tyrant Sun violently crashes into the water...
Hours after The Tyrant Sun had fallen, Barry was found, suffering from only a broken arm.
However, Bruce was nowhere to be found...
Barry was told that Bruce stayed in the ship to keep the ship from crashing into Metropolis. Bruce plugged in the command module into The Tyrant Sun, and manually crashed it, saving everybody in Metropolis and Gotham City.
The next day, Batman was given a soldier's funeral in Happy Harbor, RI, (where Bruce once said he wanted to move to once Gotham was safe) and was attended by all the heroes, Selina, and Bruce's friend Alex Jarvis, who is revealed to be one of Bruce's oldest friends and the voice behind Batman's "artificial intelligence" ALPHA-Red, the Artificial Linguistic Portable Hacking Android & Remote Encrypted Database. After everybody leaves, Superman, in his civilian identity Clark Kent, meets Bludhaven police officer Richard 'Rich' Grayson, who Superman had witnessed helping Batman fight off the foot soldiers in Bludhaven. Rich reveals that when he was about 17, Bruce helped him bring his parents killers to justice and he worked with him for years, and later joined the police force. "What was it that Bruce called you guys?" Rich asked. "Oh, that's right... the Justice League. Yeah, I like that name."
Rich returns to Gotham City to a hotel via motorcycle. Inside he is greeted by Bruce's Uncle William, who gives him a key to Bruce's room. Inside the bedroom, he throws his backpack onto the couch and walks over to a grandfather clock, opens it up, and pulls a lever. The clock opens up, revealing a staircase and Rich walks down. As he gets to another door, a retinal scan is activated is allowed access. Inside is revealed to be the Batcave. Inside, the computer starts up, and a video message from Bruce pops up.
"Grayson. If you are here alone, then that means I am dead. I've made mistakes, and becoming the Batman was the best way to right those wrongs, of me, my family, and my city. If you are here, that also means there is no Batman. Well, I want you to change that." During this, Rich finds a duffle bag and loads Batman equipment into it. "I want you to finish what I started and to continue my work. Bruce Wayne may be gone, but Batman will live on forever. There comes a time when the oppressed and desperate must be defended. I have tried my best. I pray whoever else dons this hood will continue that quest. Shun meaningless vengeance, useless violence, and the glamour of your own legend. Fight for what's right. Continue our legacy." Rich takes the duffle bag over his shoulder, when the last part of the video says "But be careful who you trust...."
All the heroes show up in the Arctic military outpost where Superman states the people of Earth praised them for their heroics, and they agreed to stay together as a team, to take on the threats no single hero can defeat. Suddenly, Richard walks out, seen in a black armor with a yellow and black bat-symbol, officially taking the mantle of The Batman, and joining the Earth's Saviors... The Mightiest heroes... The planet's guardians....
The Justice League!!

* The Batman's suit consists of military/stealth combat gear and non-lethal weaponry (i.e. short range assault air rifle and two airsoft handguns with instant anaesthetic ammo).
* The leader of the cartel, Antonio Diego, is based on Bane.
** Le Pesadilla De Todos translates to The Bane of All in Spanish.
** Diego's drug ring consists of an ecstasy/Molly-like drug called Bliss (based on the drug from B:TAS) and a super-steroid called Venom (which is almost always injected via slap-on patches).
*** The patches are based on Slappers from Batman Beyond.
* The infamous spine-snapping scene comes from the comic Knightfall; however there are differences...
** MY Batman gets right back into the thick of things to take down his assailant. That the point: it's Batman's beyond-human strength of will that is his greatest power (not his intellect, fighting skill, or bevy of weapons and tools), and I really wanted to drive that home with Absolute Batman.
* Prior to the formation of the League, Superman served as a U.S. government-sanctioned nuclear deterrent.
** This is based on The Dark Knight Returns.
* Bruce's girlfriend, Selina Kyle, is based off of Catwoman.
* Alex Jarvis is based on Alfred Pennyworth.
** Alex is a few months younger than Bruce, and they met on the first day of college
** ALPHA-Red, the Artificial Linguistic Portable Hacking Android & Remote Encrypted Database, is based on the robot butler version of Alfred on Zur-En-Arrh in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
* Batman's allies Richard 'Rich' Grayson and Uncle William will be expanded upon soon.
** Rich's alias of Blake is a reference to The Dark knight Rises.
* The military outpost in the Arctic Circle is a reference to the Fortress of Solitude (although its role is much different than in the comics).
** MY "Fortress" is the headquarters of the JLA, acting more like the Watchtower.
* Kara is based off of Supergirl.
* The albino alien army is based on The White Martians.
** The species was enslaved by S'Tar-Ro prior to the invasion of Earth, and outfitted with high tech armor allowing their bodies to shapeshift into advanced weaponry.
* Superman was able to convince Barry to join the League with the promise of giving him information on his missing son, Bart, Jr.
* S'Tar-Ro's name, di-Pertuan Raja, is translated from the ancient language, meaning "Conqueror"
** "di-Petruan" and "Raja" are both English words for monarch.
** His planet, Yod, comes from the comics.... it is an alternate name for Colu, the planet of Brainiac.
* S'Tar-Ro's mother ship, The Tyrant Sun, is named after another star-based baddie from the main comics: Solaris the Tyrant Sun.
** The smaller fighter ships piloted by S'Tar-Ro's soldiers are called Starbreakers.
* Kan'Jar-Ro is S'Tar-Ro's son, but is not controlled by S'Tar-Ro's parasites.
* I WILL explain Wonder Woman's mysterious pain and the Flash's experience with the orb in future installments of Absolute DC...

(NOTE: This is FAN CASTING for these rolls! 100% NOT confirmed or approached! Just who I want for the parts.)

portrayed by Matt Bomer
REAL NAME: Kal-El of Illnomed; Clark Jerome Kent
ALIAS: Superman
BIO FOUND HERE -----> [link]

portrayed by Felicity Jones
REAL NAME: Alexander 'Alex' DeWitt
BIO FOUND HERE -----> [link]

portrayed by Sam Worthington
REAL NAME: King Or'ryn Marius
ALIAS: Aquaman
BIO FOUND HERE -----> [link]

portrayed by Karl Urban
REAL NAME: Bruce Wayne-Maroni
ALIAS: Batman
BIO FOUND HERE -----> [link]

portrayed by Jessica Biel
REAL NAME: Diana Hippolyta Jackson
ALIAS: Wonder Woman
BIO FOUND HERE -----> [link]

portrayed by Garrett Hedlund
REAL NAME: Bartholomew Henry 'Barry' Allen
ALIAS: Flash
BIO FOUND HERE -----> [link]

*Costume ideas are not all mine, credit to where is due
Reboot ideas by Red-Rum-18

Justice League © 2014 Warner Bros and DC Comics
All contents belong to the rightful owners I have cited. Thank you.
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I have a physical drawing for my AbDC Richard Grayson. I'll upload it along with a bio in, lets say, a week or so.
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