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May 26, 2013
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JLA CHRONICLES: Batman / Bruce Wayne by benshark92 JLA CHRONICLES: Batman / Bruce Wayne by benshark92

Name: Bruce Wayne
Moniker: Batman
Age: early 20s
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Black
Hairstyle: Medium/Unruly
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: Tanned

Bruce is the biological son of mob boss Salvador Maroni and Maria Kane-Maroni. In Pittsburgh, PA, his father is killed by a mugger working for the Falcone family, and Maria gives birth to Bruce early. In the hospital, Maria meets Dr. Thomas Wayne, and they marry a year later.
When Bruce turned seven, Maria found out she contracted syphilis, when it is revealed to Bruce that she was raped by the mugger who killed his real father named Joe Chill, who escaped that night. This is causing her to lose her mind and she is eventually confirmed to the Elizabeth Arkham Institute of Mental Health.
On the night of Bruce's eighth birthday, him and Thomas go to Arkham to visit. There, a riot breaks out from the more dangerous patients, resulting in the almost destruction of Arkham and the death of Thomas and Maria. Bruce is saved by a psychology student named Hugo. Being discovered two days later in a stream just outside Arkham, his custody is given to Maria's brother and Bruce's uncle, William Kane. William owns Kane Tower Inn in Pittsburgh, and lives with his cousins Kate and Bette.
When Bruce turns 18, he starts school at University of Pittsburgh and meets exchange student Alex Jarvis and tech-savvy Selena Kyle. He continues to train with an old friend of his father's from the Vietnam War, Ted 'Wildcat' Grant. Bruce, Alex, and Selena reveal they all have a common interest: justice against they corrupt. Alex's father and brother Will were killed in a house fire caused by faulty wiring (the home was owned by businessman Oswald Cobblepot) and Selena's sister grew up in prostitution until she was murdered by her pimp. They decide to create the Oracle (this universes version of Anonymous), which they use to bring corrupt companies and bad guys to justice via their hacking abilities.
After a couple months of their hacking and taking down, the Oracle spread throughout the land. The FBI arrested nearly a hundred of these hackers claiming to be Oracles, but the three originators were never linked to their cyber-vigilantism campaigns.
These attacks continued for months, until one day, Bruce finds out his cousin Bette, whom he grew up with, died of lead poisoning from one of her toys. After finding out the toy was made in China and the company in control of the toys, Great Ten Toys Inc., was led by corrupt businessman and crime boss Yao Fei. Finding out their computers are unhackable, Bruce decides to bring the Oracle to life. Using various tools created by Selena, Bruce stowed away on a Chinese cargo plane to Hong Kong, where he extracted a recorded confession from Yao Fei confessing that he was responsible for the poisoned exports.
Arriving back in Pittsburgh, Bruce fully adopts the persona basing it on the physical appearance and superstitions of bats, and takes down a mobster, starting the legend of Batman.

* Bruce in his causal getup. He is a young college student, about 22, a couple years after the first appearance of Superman. He works with fellow students Selena Kyle and Alex Jarvis, who create the Oracle (a cyber-vigilante collective).
* Bruce in his secret agent, spy look. Based on the brother from Man on a Ledge, Bruce breaks into Hong Kong to bring a corrupt Chinese mob boss to justice. Armed with a backpack full of prototype weapons and tools and his parkour abilities.
* Bruce in his prototype Batman suit. Bruce, Selena, and Alex agree on creating the Batman persona as a cover for the Oracle. But, the persona grows into a legend. He first appears taking down a gang of mob bosses in the Gotham Penthouse Inn, thus earning him the name the Gotham Vigilante. He is armed with a SWAT bulletproof vest, utility belt, and a hockey mask. He also drives a high-tech street bike. He later adds the new mask.
* Bruce in his full fledged Batman armor. This suit was more protective but less stealthy. It contains more pouches on the vest and a mask with a heat sensor. It connects directly to the computer in the Batcave, and their personal A.I., ALPHA-Red (the Artificial Linguistic Portable Hacking Android & Remote Encryptive Database) created by Alex.

* Pittsburgh, PA = Gotham City
* The idea I'm revolving my Batman around is what if Bruce was not a millionaire? He doesn't rely solely on his tech (although he does have some good tech), but rather his sheer power of will.
* NO CAPE! I HATE CAPES! Same for Superman. But I did give him a trenchcoat (:
* Some of this new Batman's tech includes circular throwing blades, fireworks, and two handguns outfitted with a venom causing temporary paralysis.
* When Bruce, Selena, and Alex graduate, they get a job at Bruce's uncle's hotel, Kane Tower Inn, and use the underground abandoned subway system as their headquarters (the Batcave). The Batcave in this is a combination of the Arrowcave from the CW show Arrow and Nite-Owl's underground facility in the film Watchmen.
* Robins and other sidekicks will be introduced at a later date.
I redid the chestplate.

:iconmicromaned: :iconmicrotraceour: :iconspidertrekfan616: :iconbailey2088: :iconloganwaynee: :iconalmejito:

-Camden Gordon from BombOnALeashFilms :D-
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Finally!! Someone who puts the Dark back in Dark Knight. And on top of it makes the costume much more realistic. I congratulate you on your brilliant redesign. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the founding CEO of an independent film company which is currently beginning its formation. We are also setting up connections through certain channels to DC Comics in an attempt to create new film products in their alliance with Warner Bros. Everything is in the developmental stages at the moment, but we are looking for artists and story writers for a variety of Projects. We have two Batman Real Live Action Television series planned in the works, one of our own invention the Batman Arkanjel, another attributing the works of the greatest Batman writer ever born, Frank Miller entitled Batman Earth 31, but we have been considering a third segment bringing the Dark Knight to a realistic setting and making it a great origin story. Your design has caught the company interests. Would you be interested in joining our team? 
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Wow! I am extremely honored by this! Thank you for the opportunity, and i would 100% love love to help! I'm actually working on my own fan-film of the Justice League, and doing character origin movies! I am an amateur filmmaker myself. But , some of my ideas actually come from another deviant here, Red-Rum-13. I use his ideas and sort of grow off them. Although I have TONS of Batman ideas ive never told anybody! Thank you soooooo much! :DD
RoberimusMillar Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013
If you want to see some of our character designs, look up Batman Arkanjel for our Earth Zero Age of Heroes, which is a crossover of DC/Marvel/Dark Horse and custom set in a world outside the comics.
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Go to Nightwing1975's deviantart page. For further information contact the company owners of Trinity Liger Entertainment Company at, and finally myself at
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Look at Nightwing1975's Batman Arkanjel collection for more insight into some of the designs for our company projects.
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